Welcome to The Upside of Bipolar Basecamp

Home base for an integrated and research-based treatment plan to heal Bipolar symptoms.

What is The Upside of Bipolar Basecamp?

We bring together members in the process of healing and recovery from bipolar disorder to support and empower one another through an integrated, research-based treatment plan, so that we can live healthy, balanced, productive, joyful lives.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles...

...begins with One Step. This Basecamp is that step. You've just stepped onto an amazing path: The Path To Wellness. We're here to provide information, tools that work, support, accountability, crucial feedback, and a tried and true protocol that will help you heal from this difficult condition. We share in the challenges and victories on this healing journey. 

Community Features Fit for Champs

  • Included in the Basecamp are Courses, Discussions, and Events. Some contain an array of support mechanisms and recreational activities tailored for the needs of the members. 
  • Our ever-improving resources include informative content pieces like blogs, articles, and research papers related to bipolar management and integrated treatment protocols. This enhances your understanding and gives you a broader perspective toward your personal journey.
  • Our discussion spaces for members provide for private, candid conversations. You're invited to share personal experiences where appropriate and offer encouragement to others. They are designed to foster trust, empathy, and resilience in tackling everyday challenges.
  • One topic we discourage: discussing suicide or suicide ideation. If you're struggling with extreme intrusive thoughts, then contact your therapist, psychiatrist, or medical provider. You have entered a danger zone to yourself and others and professionals are best-equipped to help you stay safe. 

Walking the Path Together

The Path to Healing is your journey. The Tribe is your support crew, Michelle is the guide, but you are the one taking the journey one step at a time. Recognize that this is a community that grows with you, supporting you through each high and low, each triumph and setback. This is a shared journey of healing, recovery, and empowerment. 

Take the Time to Do It Right

All the resources in Basecamp, including The Mood Cycle Survival Guide and The Simple 7 Protocol are Lifestyle Changes for Your Mind. It will take time to implement each step in the journey, especially as your brain and body adjust to the new coping strategies and healthy habits. The Tribe is here to support you in the process. Stay flexible and open to continuously learn about your brain and body as your symptoms subside. You're about to become an absolute expert on your own mind and body!

When You Join Today

When you join The Upsiders' Tribe today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Courses: Members may explore video courses that provide insights into managing bipolar disorder. These courses offer evidence-based strategies for dealing with triggers, maintaining balance and improving the quality of life. This activity supports your self-care regime by enhancing your knowledge and understanding.
  • Peer Support Chat: Members can take part in a private, anonymous chat support, connecting with fellow members who may be experiencing the same ups and downs. Sharing personal experiences and coping strategies provides mutual inspiration and empowerment, breaking the feeling of isolation.
  • Periodic Live Events: Join our live events focused on physical and mental wellness. Attending these events provides opportunities to learn new coping mechanisms, maintain mental strength, and reinforce the community's collective efforts towards a healthy, joyful life.